What will it cost to learn to drive?

Save Money

Why would anyone agree to pay an hourly rate without knowing how many hours were needed?

Strictly Driving will quote you an unbeatable lesson price with an estimated number of hours in writing at the end of your test drive.

Why are some clients are charged more than the average lesson price?

If I can estimate the number of hours required but unable to offer you a significant saving on the overall cost of driving lessons, perhaps because I believe you could learn just as quickly with traditional instruction, the price I charge is the average lesson price for the area, currently £34 for manual cars and £36 in automatic cars.

For the majority of clients who can learn more quickly with my unique learning system, and save at least £200, I charge just a few extra pounds per hour which covers the additional costs of running both automatic and manual vehicles and the 'Continuous Professional Development' that makes this kind of service possible.

How is the price calculated?

I can calculate the number of hours training you require by observing the way you respond to challenges during the test drive. Seeing how you cope with simple tasks e.g. stopping close and parallel to the kerb and steering around corners enables me to assess your cognitive, sensory and motor abilities. Confidence is also an important factor and your preferred methods of learning will be established before the end of the test drive.

The fee is calculated by making a comparison between the number of hours training you require with Strictly Driving and that figure which you might reasonably be expected to require if learning in the conventional manner with an instructor of average ability, based on the statistics provided by the Cohort II study. (See Chart)

If it is clear I can save you money with my unique Strictly Driving Learning System, I calculate my fee so that you continue to save money but I am also rewarded by charging a little extra for each hour of training.

Examples of how it can work are shown in the 'Case Studies', to the right on this page.

Fair Price Guarantee

"If the required standard has not been achieved during the estimated period, any subsequent training will be provided at a proportionally reduced rate”.

e.g. If the rate charged is £36 per hour for the estimated hours (£2 more than the £34 average).
Any additional hours would be charged at £32 (£2 less than the average). Note: This example assumes that the average lesson price for the area has not changed during the learning period.

The fair price guarantee is subject to my terms & conditions.